RCF WMF 33EN and MF 33EN Shipping

The new RCF Business Music Series offers a complete range of products providing commercial audio systems designed for background and foreground music with pro-quality sound. It is designed for all applications that require flexibility and scalable architecture, allowing the distribution of different audio programs in multiple environments, each with specific volume and equalization needs. It’s the perfect solution from small to large installations, combining uncompromised sound quality, full processing features, exceptional power, easy configuration, and high scalability. The target application range is extremely wide and varies from retail stores to bars and restaurants, meeting rooms, education or public facilities, and Voice Alarm applications as well.

The new Business Music Series includes both Amplifiers, Matrixes, and Speakers with the aim of offering complete sound solutions and maximizing overall acoustic performance. The Business Music Series is a multi-purpose audio system suitable for a wide range of applications. Its sound quality and compactness, combined with elegant and neutral design and accurate finishing, produce a system suited to every environment, providing excellent acoustic performance for both background and foreground music.

The WMF 33EN two-way passive Wall Mount Speaker and the MF 33EN two-way passive ceiling speaker are shipping now!


Info: www.rcf.it

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