Software Update: Hippotizer V4.5.4

Hippotizer Version 4.5.4 is an improvement release for all V4 and V4+ systems running V4.5.3. This version introduces a series of fixes and enhancements in response to user feedback.

4.5.4 Fixes key issues in 4.5.3

  • ZooKeeper will now notify a user when DPI scaling is on, as it prevents ZooKeeper from working correctly.
  • Improved support for Stream Deck in MultiController.
  • In the DMX personalities editor, default ordering has been changed to order by channel.
  • Problems with unintended fading of content has been fixed.
  • Remote updater can now install SHAPE.
  • Background images are saved in VideoMapper and PixelMapper.
  • Importing Fixture CVS has now been improved.
  • Discovery of LabJack sources in MultiController has been improved.

For a full list of changes please see the release notes.





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