Remo Orsoni joins the Wharfedale Pro team at IAG

IAG (International Audio Group) are pleased to announce that Remo Orsoni has joined their Pro team. Remo takes up the role of General Manager – R&D, Professional from immediate effect.

Remo’s experience in pro audio is impressive with a solid track record of both hands-on technical development and R&D team leadership success, built up over many decades. Preferring not to use the classic word of ‘veteran’, Remo is well recognised in the industry as a result of his previous work at Proel Group (Axiom), Powersoft and Music Tribe (Turbosound). His experience in acoustic engineering, audio electronics, FIR DSP algorithms and loudspeaker system design will support and drive the next forward steps for Wharfedale Pro products and services.

Remo added “I am excited to now become part of International Audio Group, and I’m especially proud to be leading the legendary Wharfedale Pro R&D team. In recent times I have seen the resurgance of the iconic Wharfedale Pro brand into the Pro Audio market, and their current portfolio is already strong. However, as a result of COVID-19, many large events have been cancelled and the landscape of audio continues to evolve. Such situations make future product development within the industry a great challenge and now, this is also becomes a superb opportunity for innovation. I’m looking forward to leading the Pro development teams around the world to find great product solutions for the future.”


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