Stage Right Lighting’s final 6Feet Together livestream concert June 6th

Over the last two months, Stage Right Lighting of Virginia Beach has been hosting a 6Feet Together livestream concert series that has put some much needed joy and optimism into the live event community. Stage Right’s final livestream concert will be held Saturday, June 6that 8:00 pm EDT and will feature Celtic-inspired rock band The Fighting Jamesons.

The 6 Feet Together benefit concerts are streamed live from Stage Right Lighting’s own studio and are decked out using their extensive inventory of lighting gear including Elation Proteus Rayzor 760™ moving heads, Seven Batten 72™ linear lights, ZW37 II™ moving heads, Cuepix 16IP™matrix panels and Protron Eclypse™ multi-effect lights.

Visit experience the concert, donate and for more information.

The 6 Feet Together benefit concerts raise money for out-of-work musicians and crews with donations going to Hampton Roads musicians and local stage technicians, as well as the technicians that make the 6 Feet Together series happen.Sponsorship opportunities are also available.

Lighting: Ben Fuglaar, Bob Alderman
Audio: Berkley Adam Daube & Justin Fugett
Video: Wesley Corwin, Curtis Boggs, Charlie Tudor, John Warner, Mel Howerton
Jib: Cloud Nine Crane, Russell Senato



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