IK Multimedia Announces Safe Spacer™ – Wearable Social Distance Monitor

Safe Spacer™ is a wearable, patent-pending device that helps users maintain safe social distance, precisely sensing when other devices come within 2 m / 6 feet and alerting the user with a visual, vibrating or sound alarm. It lets you safely re-open your workplace without frustration or distraction, enabling music and other industries to operate with peace of mind.

Safe Spacer can be comfortably worn by users on a wristband, lanyard or keychain, and features a unique ID tag and built-in memory that allows tracing of any accidental contacts, keeping organizations secure.

Safe Spacer uses Ultra-wideband (UWB), the same technology introduced in the latest devices like Apple’s iPhone 11, to achieve precise ranging between devices. It’s up to 10x more accurate than traditional Bluetooth (10 cm vs. 1 meter). And unlike Bluetooth, Safe Spacer won’t lose accuracy when multiple devices are in close proximity.

This product was made with the intention to help not only those in the music industry but any other industry – to restart safely and help everybody to get back to their normal lives as soon as possible.


    • Alerts users if they come within unsafe social distance
    • Uses ultra-wideband, 10x more accurate than Bluetooth®
    • Vibration, light and sound alerts
    • Wearable on a wristband, lanyard or keychain
    • Rechargeable battery lasts over 1 week
    • Waterproof and easy to clean or sterilize
    • Works out of the box with no other hardware
    • Private and secure – log contacts without sensitive data

Safe Spacer is designed and manufactured in Italy by IK Multimedia.

CEO Enrico Iori shares: “We created Safe Spacer to help our Italian factory workers maintain a safe distance during re-opening. It’s easy to use, fast to deploy, private and secure, so it can be used comfortably in any situation. We hope this solution helps other companies feel secure as they re-open, too.”

Info: www.safespacer.net

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