Defender® Introduces the Barrier-Free MIDI 5 2D Modular System

Accessibility’ has become a topic of mounting concern for both public authorities and event organizers over the past few years. With the MIDI 5 2D, Defender® is now launching a series of traversable modular cable protectors whose multidimensional concept pairs superior flexibility and easy day-to-day use.

Fully Modular
With most common cable protector systems, a compromise usually has to be made between barrier-free access and trafficability. But that’s not the case with the new Defender MIDI 5 2D series: it takes an entirely new approach with its modular, multidimensional, and compatible concept. The system is equipped with a middle section module (available in lengths of 19.59 inches and 39.37 inches), a ramp, and an adapter set, which is completely compatible with the MIDI 5 2D from the widely used Defender MIDI 5 Series.

Barrier-Free Accessibility
Every MIDI 5 2D middle section has a drive-over ramp which can be passed over completely. The ramp module’s 6° angle fulfills almost all requirements and standards regarding barrier-free accessibility at events. The flat incline of the MIDI 5 2D Series makes it easy for wheelchair users to roll over the protectors with no trouble at all, and they’re also so stable that they can bear the weight of forklifts and trucks. The MIDI 5 2D Series naturally also features the innovative Defender LaserGrip® surface: Its special ergonomic shape and surface structure reduces the risk of an entire line of cable protectors accidentally shifting out of place.

Handling and Flexibility
The MIDI 5 2D modular system can be expanded both in length and width as you like, and it also ensures easy accessibility and safety even when complex cable arrangements are used, for example, close to power generators or in front-of-house areas. The well-balanced design facilitates planning in advance as well as on-site installation. The MIDI 5 2D module is also outfitted with carrying handles for efficient transport. The middle section has channels on the inside for safely and neatly laying sound, lighting, and power cables one by one.

The Defender MIDI 5 2D cable protector series is available now.

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