Riedel Backbone for RTL Croatia’s Studio Upgrade to HD

RTL Croatia, one of Croatia’s largest broadcasters, has chosen Riedel Communications’ MediorNet real-time network and Artist digital matrix intercom for its comprehensive studio upgrade to HD operations. MediorNet and Artist are at the core of an integrated and decentralized signal routing and communications backbone that drives RTL’s news and master control rooms, including a large video wall with more than 100 picture-in-picture (PiP) displays.

RTL Croatia Riedel Communications

Launched in 2004, RTL Croatia is a division of RTL Group, a Luxembourg-based digital media company with interests in 61 television and 30 radio stations in 10 countries. Working with Riedel’s local distributor and consultant, AVC Zagreb, RTL Croatia has just finished a four-year project to upgrade its production facilities to deliver its eight channels in HD. The latest HD channel, RTL Adria, went live in January.

When RTL Croatia presented their requirements for a comprehensive networking and routing solution for the studio upgrade, we had no hesitation in recommending Riedel Communications,” said Juraj Novina, Sales Manager at AVC Zagreb. “We were completely confident that MediorNet could provide the seamless, reliable, and high-quality signal transport and communications needed for RTL’s new HD service. Plus, MediorNet also gives RTL the guarantee of a smooth transition to IP in the future, with the proven track record of a market-tested solution.”

Zoran Jankovic, Chief Technical Officer of RTL Croatia, added, “We needed a signal routing solution that could meet our rather complex requirements — namely, decentralization, a high degree of flexibility, and the ability to transport and route signals over fiber. We could see right away that MediorNet would not only meet, but exceed, those requirements. Plus, MediorNet and Artist were incredibly fast and easy to install.”

RTL Croatia Riedel Communications

In RTL’s new HD operation, MediorNet and Artist provide the signal transport and communications backbone for the playout control room, consisting of 10 playout channels, 20 servers, 10 logo inserters, 10 subtitle inserters, and a multiview video wall that includes up to 70 PiP displays. In addition, the Riedel solution supports a control room for news programming that manages 20 incoming feeds, studio cameras, computer graphics, and news playout and includes a multiview video wall with 108 PiP displays.

For playout, the Riedel solution consists of a MetroN core router and 14 MicroN high-density media distribution network devices, six of which are configured using the MicroN MultiViewer App. The production routing solution includes two MetroN core routers and 22 MicroNs, with six configured using the MultiViewer App. Production is supported by 29 SmartPanel app-driven user interfaces that enable agile routing and control of audio and video signals transported across the MediorNet network. For intercom functions, an Artist-1024 high-density digital matrix mainframe delivers AES67-compliant communications, with intercom capabilities supported by an additional 23 SmartPanels.

“RTL Croatia is the latest broadcaster to recognize the powerful role our solutions can play in building production facilities that are not only versatile but primed for the IP-based operations of the future,” said Ismet Bozkurt, Senior Sales Executive Eastern Europe, Riedel Communications. “MediorNet’s decentralized design and production flexibility will serve RTL well not only for its current HD operation, but also for its future expansion, with Artist delivering integrated and seamless communications throughout the facility.”

Info: www.riedel.net

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