Eurolite Presents Tour-Fogger N-13

Eurolite are proud to release a new tour fogger with a robust design and heating capacity of 1300 watts. The compact foggerN-130, which is installed in a robust flight case, is easy to transport and has an innovative quick-release fastener on the fluid tank: ideal for touring use, stages and clubs.

Steinigke Eurolite N-130 Fog Machine

N-130 by Eurolite is integrated in a stable flight case – so it is suited for hard touring use. The 1300 watts of heating power ensures a powerful fog output of up to 5 metres in width.

The built-in “Instant Stop” of the N-130 ensures that the fog machine can be controlled especially properly: The function prevents fogging when the fog function is switched off. The innovative quick release system allows the fluid hose to be quickly and easily disconnected from the canister and easily removed from the machine.

The powerful touring fog machine N-130 by Eurolite is therefore a good choice for stage applications or for large live events, in discotheques, in the theatre or at TV and film productions to increase the effect of spotlights and laser beams.


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