New Distributor for DPA Products in Italy

DPA Microphones – belonging to the Italian audio group RCF Group – is known for the production of extremely natural pro-audio microphones, and is distributed in Italy by RCF SpA.

RCF Distributes DPA in Italy

DPA microphones have over six decades of experience in the design of innovative microphones, with a long history of precision and pursuit of perfection. This remains unchanged t0 this day, representing a high quality standard in all audio applications in studio, broadcast, theatre, cinema and live environments. Each microphone is hand-assembled in the state-of-the-art factory in Denmark, with up to 200 steps required to assemble one. During the process, each capsule is calibrated up to 15 times before final approval.

D: dicate ™ 4006A by DPA is one of the most accurate pro-audio microphones in the world and derives directly from one of the most accurate measurement microphones. If you took a DPA microphone capsule and enlarged it to the size of a football field, a hypothetical jet engine positioned 60 meters away would move the diaphragm by only 4 mm. Bringing everything back to real size, the example is useful for imagining the incredibly small movement of the diaphragm at the size of 4 x 5.5 mm.

DPA microphones are used to record all types of sound, at any level around the world, even in Antarctica, where they have been used to capture the (very silent) sound of snowflakes. And this is true not only on Earth. Two DPA microphones – ancestors of 4004/4007 – were used to record the takeoff of Apollo 13, while a microphone system based on DPA 4006 capsules is incorporated in the Mars 2020 Rover which will land on Mars in 2021.

The Pro RCF Italian Sales Network is at your complete disposal for orders, information and support on the entire DPA product catalog and accessories.


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