Nexo supports training in South Africa

Nexo is working with the new generation in South Africa’s technical production community, providing free skills training and access to the latest Nexo sound reinforcement equipment in the country’s major cities.

With extensive support from the full-service production company Sound Stylists, a long-time Nexo user and dealer, Nexo has collaborated with South Africa’s Academy of Sound Engineering in Cape Town. Together, they hosted a free ETC training course encompassing workshops, hands-on and listening experiences, and an overview of Nexo’s line array evolution, from Geo S and D ranges to the contemporary Geo M and STM Series.

Presented by Nexo’s leading training engineer Nicholas Poitrenaud, the three-day seminar was attended by students and teachers from ASE, freelance engineers, house of worship technicians, and audio techs from Sound Stylists.

At the other end of the country, in Johannesburg, a new Nexo P+ Series sound system has been made available to the South African Roadies Association (SARA), to help raise the production skills of young and aspiring audio professionals.

The SARA rig comprises the new P12 point source cabinets, with LS18 subs, and the latest NXAMP4x4Mk2 amplifiers.

“This sound system equipment will greatly enhance SARA’s training programmes and inventory. It will help us to sustain skills development and SARA’s on-the-job training program in the event, technical and production sector for years to come. It will also have an indelible impact on the lives, careers, ambitions and dreams of young South Africans,” said SARA’s president Freddie Nyathela. “SARA extends its profound appreciation and gratitude for the support and vision of Nexo.”


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