CODA Audio Launches N-RAY at ISE

CODA Audio launches a brand new ultra-compact three-way line array at this year’s ISE show in Amsterdam. N-RAY places the benefits of CODA’s flagship AiRAY technology into a shallow, lightweight cabinet perfect for theatres, performing-arts centres and corporate events. N-RAY is part of CODA’s latest N-Series, a range of lightweight, compact systems with the efficiency and power to rival much larger and heavier loudspeaker systems.

N-RAY incorporates the very latest in driver and system design technology, delivering twice the power handling and SPL, as well as significantly more low-frequency output, when compared to other systems. It delivers high-fidelity sound with a large dynamic range and extended low- frequency with unlimited flexibility, thanks to its variable horizontal dispersion.

Key to N-RAY’s efficiency is the incorporation of a unique 6-inch double diaphragm planar wave driver (DDP), dual 6.5” neodymium ultra-low distortion low-frequency cone drivers, N-RAY insta-fit magnetic coupler sums and unique Dynamic Airflow Cooling (DAC) technology, ensuring exceptionally high sound pressure and low power compression.

Offering a phase linearity similar to AiRAY, a 60Hz-22 kHz (-6dB) frequency range and high power handling of 1,000W, N-RAY outputs a power, weight and frequency response that belies its small size.

N-RAY has a variable horizontal coverage of 90°, 120° or asymmetric105°, a linear phase response for superior fidelity, variable vertical curving 0°, 1°, 2°, 3° to 12° in 1°steps and features an integrated three-point rigging system for flown or ground stacked arrays, compatible to SCN-F – 15” sensor controlled low-frequency extension.

The line array facilitates system integration with CODA’s LINUS loudspeaker management amplifiers, while a hybrid multiplex/aluminium enclose with Polyurea coating ensures extreme durability and water protection.

“The unique technologies contained within the N-Series, such as Dynamic Airflow Cooling, underpin the creation of these ultra-compact, ultra-powerful systems, which as part of our wider range, enable us to offer flexible solutions to perfectly cover any and every scale and type of application.”

CODA Audio is at Booth 7-C230 at ISE.


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