Pre-show Interview with Live Entertainment Expo Tokyo’s Mami Atarshi

This week, from 5th to 7th February, the seventh edition of Live Entertainment Expo Tokyo, the B-to-B fair dedicated to the live entertainment industry, will take place in Tokyo’s Makuhari Messe. The hub of the entertainment market in Asia, this will be the 7th edition of the fair to date, guaranteeing unprecedented commercial opportunities, with a wide range of both technologies and business opportunities. To gain a greater insight into this year’s edition of the show, we spoke with Mami Atarshi, a representative of Live Entertainment Expo TOKYO Show Management.

Mami Atarshi Interview Live Entertainment Expo TOKYO

LightSoundJournal: This year’s edition of the show guarantees “unprecedented commercial opportunities”. Can you please tell us what makes this show so productive and opportunistic?

Mami Atarshi: The show is productive and opportunistic because of the number of exhibitors and visitors.

This edition is largest ever, gathering 560 exhibitors and 33,000 visitors at Makuhari Messe, Japan. The show was launched 7 years ago to contribute to the growth of the live entertainment market by providing a business platform to easily discover professional products and carry out business on-site.

LightSoundJournal: What changes can we expect to see at this year’s show in contrast to past editions? Why have you made these changes?

Mami Atarshi: We have launched a special zone, named eSports Business World (inside Live Entertainment Expo TOKYO) in this edition, which gathers eSports & gaming related products & services. This zone is for visitors involved in areas of industry such as advertising/marketing division in companies, eSports teams/athletes, media, etc. This zone gives these visitors the opportunity to discover the actual products & consider purchasing effectively.

The reason behind this change is that the eSports business is incredibly becoming connected to live entertainment industry and it is a fast growing market. According to Gzbrain, Japanese eSports market was 43 million USD (4,831 million JPY) in 2018 and will reach 90 million USD (9,937 million JPY)* In 2022. We launched “eSports Business World” to contribute to the future growth of the eSports industry.

Mami Atarshi Interview Live Entertainment Expo TOKYO

LightSoundJournal:What would you say are the true highlights of Live Entertainment Expo TOKYO 2020?

Mami Atarshi: As mentioned, out new “eSports Business World” zone is definitely a highlight, as well as the opportunity to experience cutting-edge technologies and products of the live entertainment industries. Displays/Lighting/Audio, Stage Art/Visual Effects, Broadcasting Technologies, Event Equipment, Stadium/Arena Equipment, Ticketing/Payment Solutions, Promotional Products… all products/services for live entertainment will be there.

LightSoundJournal:Now in the 7th edition, do you now consider the show to be a fully international show? How so?

Mami Atarshi: The show has certainly become more and more international.  This edition of the show features exhibitors from 19 countries.

LightSoundJournal:What differentiates Live Entertainment Expo TOKYO 2020 from others across the world?

Mami Atarshi: The strong focul point of the show is that it gathers a diversity of exhibitors & visitors under one-roof.

We organise 3 more shows at the same date & same venue as Live Entertainment Expo TOKYO, which are Events & Amusement Expo TOKYO, Sports Business Expo TOKYO and Local Value Creation Expo.

Events & Amusement Expo TOKYO is not only for professionals, but also for companies that are considering organising events. Sports Business Expo TOKYO was launched 3 years ago to make the sports business industry more active. The unique part of Local Value Creation Expo is that it gathers local governments from all over Japan, and they will also attend the concurrent shows to see the latest live entertainment, gaming and event products. This leads to the spread of these products throughout Japan.

Concurrent shows produce great synergy, gathering a variety of exhibitors & visitors from wide range of industries. Moreover, this edition of the show is the largest it has ever been, expecting 560 Exhibitors and 33,000 Visitors. We have confidence in providing the best business opportunity for both exhibitors & visitors to meet the right business partners and have active business meetings.

Mami Atarshi Interview Live Entertainment Expo TOKYO

Show Dates:    Feb. 5 (Wed) – 7 (Fri), 2020

Show Venue:    Makuhari Messe, Japan (23 min. from Tokyo Station)


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