RCF’s NX 10-A II Now Shipping

Featuring RCF Precision transducers and a wooden cabinet, the NX 10-A II is engineered from the ground up to deliver advanced audio performance and all-around versatility. Used stand-alone for FOH system, satellite (with subwoofer), stage monitor or flown speaker, the NX 10-A II blends high-performance and reliability in a compact package.

RCF NX 10-A II Now Shipping

The NX 10-A II is a compact bi-amped active touring system for medium to large events, both indoors and outdoors. It features high SPL thanks to the built-in 1400 watts 2-channel Class-D amplifier and a full DSP, FiRPHASE filters included.

NX 10-A II is designed for near-field and distributed PA applications, such as portable and installed AV systems, live sound, conference centers, houses of worship, and ballrooms.

RCF NX 10-A II Now Shipping

Maximum strength and easy rigging with the heavy-duty, low-vibration birch plywood enclosure, coated with black textured polyurethane coating. Four quick-lock rigging points are available.

State of the art RCF 10-inch woofer and compression driver, horn-loaded for 90° x 60° Constant Directivity Coverage.

The special FiRPHASE processing achieves coherent distribution of sound without phase distortion for optimal stage monitoring.

Info: www.rcf.it

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