Elation Introduces Magmatic

Elation Professional is excited to be launching a completely new brand of inspiring and dependable atmospheric effects at LDI 2019Magmatic! Designed, engineered and exclusively distributed by Elation, Magmatic specialty effects products encompass a comprehensive range of haze and fog machines with the Magma™ and Thermatic™ series, atmospheric snow machines with the Polar™ series, and CO2 cryogenic simulation effects with the Rocket™ series. To complement all of the special effects machines, Elation has developed a complete line of specially formulated effect fluids called Atmosity™. Also available is an IP65 rated series of UV LED lighting products in the Prisma™ series.

Elation Professional presents Magmatic FX

“We have long had a vision that stems from a strong demand from our customers around the world to create more advanced atmospheric products designed for professional users, products that are easy to use and hard to break, and that is exactly what we are doing with Magmatic,” states Elation Sales & Marketing Director Eric Loader. “Atmospheric effects are key to any stage performance so it’s essential they be reliable and perform on demand. With Magmatic, we are empowering users to create unparalleled experiences with machines that last a lifetime. We’re committed to designing products that are built to last, user intuitive and dependable. In short, Magmatic is world class atmospherics and we’re excited to be showing them for the first time at LDI.”

Magmatic effects are built for professionals from the ground up by a passionate and proven R&D team with over 30 years of experience. From the tour stage to the travel it takes to get there, Magmatic atmospherics are strong solutions that are on-the-road tough and made to endure. More than a machine, Magmatic are quality solutions that inspire confidence and equip professionals with tools to put on an incredible show, no matter the occasion.

Info: www.magmaticfx.com

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