FOH Engineer Martin Mittler Reflects on Bose Pro’s ShowMatch

Longtime front-of-house engineer Martin Mittler got his start in audio while performing in a band in the bustling scene centered around Manchester, UK.

Martin Mittler Bose Pro ShowMatch

At a gig with no engineer, Mittler and the band’s roadie improvised their way through a soundcheck – in hindsight, serving as day-one of Mittler teaching himself the ropes. “I was always interested in the studio process and capturing that certain alchemy, and it was a natural transition to apply that curiosity to the live realm.” In the years since, he has worked with Johnny Marr, The Streets, 10cc, Bloc Party, The Zutons and The Ting Tings, and for the last five years, he has been the go-to front-of-house engineer for UK garage rockers The Kooks. Through it all, Mittler’s skills have gotten more and more finely honed, and his discerning ear is always glad to encounter a new type of P.A. technology – for example, The Kooks’ latest Dallas gig, at the House of Blues, where Mittler and the band got to experience the ShowMatch line array system from Bose Professional.

Martin Mittler Bose Pro ShowMatch

“I had a fantastic time with it,” recalls Mittler, particularly impressed with the ShowMatch system. “We had a great show, and I think the ShowMatch system is a great fit for that room. It just works really well, with pleasant tone and a lot of detail. I found it clear and punchy with sparkling highs and smooth warm lows. The coverage was nice and even too. At soundcheck, we didn’t have to wrestle with it like some other systems at other venues. It checked all the boxes for what you’d want from that type of system, as well as what you might expect tonally from a top-of-the-line hi-fi speaker setup in your living room. Sonically, it was the best of all worlds. Great job, Bose!”


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