MDG Releases LDI 2019 Previews

MDG will be exhibiting at LDI 2019 on Booth 1245, near its exclusive US distributor, A.C.T. Lighting, where the team will be demonstrating the ATMe and ATMe WPE haze generators – industry-benchmark generators that produce the finest haze on the market. The ATMe WPE is a weather-proof and dust-resistant version of the market-leading ATMe which has been designed specifically for outdoor use.

MDG LDI 2019

MDG’s highly efficient Me Series of fog generators, will be represented by the compact Me1 and Me2 fog generators and the hugely impressive Me4 fog generator – all of which release pure white, fine particled fog in unbelievable volume with the finest of control.

Combining all fog and haze requirements will be MDG’s theONE™, the award-winning dual mode fog and haze generator which will be shown in its touring cradle demonstrating the perfect solution for easy, safe rigging.

New for LDI 2019 is MDG’s bespoke Vertical Flight Case for the ultimate in easy touring. Designed to carry MDG’s ATMe haze generator, or either of Me1 or Me2 fog generators, plus everything needed to operate under production conditions, these Kings of Flight Cases not only provide rugged, safe transport for the generators, but allow the entire unit to be rolled onto stage and simply plugged in for instant use. No more unloading from the flight case – each flight case is fully equipped with direct plug-in connections for power and DMX In/Out. Also included within each are snug compartment spaces for MDG’s theFAN™, two 9kg (20lb) CO2 bottles, a 4l bottle of MDG fluid, and space for a small DMX console. MDG’s new flight cases are the ideal solution for festivals and touring, ensuring your complete touring package can travel and operate in one single, easily transportable unit.

MDG’s ICE FOG Q low fog generator will also be on show on the stand, producing luxurious low fog effects without recourse to dry ice! It will be shown with its D-Verter and Round Floor Pocket (RFP) accessories.

Unique to MDG, D-Verter is a DMX/RDM pneumatic 23 cm (9”) input/output fog switcher designed mainly for use with ICE FOG Q or ICE FOG Compack. It performs several functions by using a sliding conduit either to split a single source of fog into two distinct outputs, merge two separate sources of fog into a single output, or act as a fog output gate.

RFP Round Floor Pocket is a DMX/RDM-operated pneumatic Round Floor Pocket of rugged construction which can be embedded in the stage floor or set wall to conceal a fog output. It is intended to operate under pneumatic pressure as part of an existing fog system, delivering low fog or fog to precise locations.

And don’t forget theFAN™, MDG’s ultra-compact, variable speed digital fan which can be used in conjunction with all MDG generators.


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