HDL 50-A 4K Now Available

The HDL 50-A 4K is the most powerful HDL line array module RCF has ever made. With an internal amplifier pushing 8000 Watt peak power under the hood, the good news is that RCF have made this amplifier module available as an upgrade kit for current HDL 50-A owners.


The HDL 50-A 4K is an active 3-way line array module designed for large-sized events, indoors and outdoors. It features a sound pressure level of 143 dB SPL with a built-in Class-D 4000 W RMS four-channel amplifier. Equipped with eight best-of-class transducers, it offers excellent playback quality ideal for high performing musical applications. The proprietary 90 x 10 degrees 4PATH waveguide, paired with the symmetrical design of the cabinet delivers coherent coverage.

The 4K amplifier module is an essential part of HDL 50-A reengineering effort. Each of the four amplifier modules operates at very low impedance producing a quick and detailed transient response, while the high damping factor improves sound quality and detail.

Equipped with 2 x 12” woofers, 4 x 6.5” symmetrically arranged midranges and 2 x 3” titanium dome drivers, it offers excellent playback quality ideal for professional musical applications, with crossover points at 200 Hz and 800 Hz for clear and accurate sound reproduction.

4000 W RMS class-D amplifier – 1000 W for the HF, 1000 W for the Midrange section and 1000 W + 1000 W for the LF for a quick and detailed transient response. New generation DSP handles all processing inside the cabinet and allows for cluster size adjustments and HF projection.


The cabinet’s design with coplanar transducers produces identical left and right coverage of 90°, for coherent coverage and constant directivity.

The advanced FiRPHASE processing optimizes dynamics amplitude and time behavior for a 0° linear phase. A perfectly time-aligned sound image to the listener with a flat frequency response while ensuring minimum system latency.

The power amplifier, electronics, and DSP are controlled and monitored remotely by RCF’s proprietary RDNet software.

Using advanced neodymium magnets and a unique housing built from lightweight plywood and polypropylene,each module has a remarkably low weight of only 58 kg (128 lbs). The HDL 50-A 4K is a true-active high-power system. Four high-efficiency Class-D amplifiers deliver superior SPL while reducing energy requirements. The integrated signal processing and simple cabling makes set-up fast and easy. Thanks to its compact size, the truck space requirement is reduced substantially.

Info: www.rcf.it

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