RCF’S TT 4-A Two-way Speakers Now Shipping

Top-quality sound for highly demanding events indoors or outdoors in small to medium-sized areas. The TT 4 series flexibility fills the gaps between point source and line array speakers, providing the audio engineer with augmented coverage adaptability. This approach combines all the advantages of TT+ technology, such as controlled dispersion, outstanding clarity and extreme power with three coverage options, multiple rigging accessories, remote control and recallable presets. A groundbreaking solution for a vast range of applications.

RCF TT 4 Series Now Shipping

Up to 135 dB max SPL thanks to the 1600W RMS Class-D power section and the high efficiency of the RCF precision transducers with 32-bit DSP running at 48 kHz sampling rate.

The game-changing rigging solutions and the versatile arrangement of the transducers allow the speaker to be used alone, coupled side by side or vertically for additional coverage.

RCF TT 4 Series Now Shipping

The advanced FiRPHASE processing optimizes dynamics amplitude and time behavior for a 0° linear phase. A perfectly time-aligned sound image to the listener with a flat frequency response while ensuring minimum system latency.

The onboard DSP provides linear phase filters and crossover, system equalization, polarity control, fast limiter, RMS limiter and configuration control from the back panel or advanced management via RDNet.

RCF TT 4 Series Now Shipping

The three waveguide designs allow the deployment of multiple speakers adapting to extended or asymmetrical coverages. In difficult acoustic environments, intelligibility is significantly increased.

Two independent Class-D amplifiers with 1600W RMS total power output per module make the TT 4 speaker one of the most powerful column array modules on the market compared to its size. With RDNet networked management, weatherproof cabinet and a large set of accessories, you need to look no further.

Info: www.rcf.it

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