New Windows USB Driver Available for TouchMix-30 Pro

QSC are pleased to announce that their newly updated Windows DAW driver for TouchMix-30 Pro is now available.  The update delivers a more robust connection to Windows computers and enable plug-in’s to run in real-time on Windows DAW’s and on Waves MultiRack. The driver can be downloaded and installed from HERE.

QSC New Windows Drivers TouchMix-30 Pro

The update brings a number of improvements to the system, including CP Series Compact Powered Loudspeakers Presets available directly in the TouchMix-30 Pro, as well as CP8 and CP12 loudspeakers’ input gain setting recommendations. There’s also new channel presets, with 28 New Instruments Presets (Cajon, Accordion, Harmonica, Ukulele, Banda Instruments, and more).

The update also now supports the 3rd party control surfaces, giving users the capability to interface with third-party external control surfaces with motorized faders, combined with a new Channel Strip View for optimum display and control of all channel parameters.

Additionally, a Custom Fader Banks function has been added, supporting three fader banks assignment, each for eight channels that are saved as part of a Mixer Scene.


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