Hathor GATE is the new Hathor system for PC, providing 512 control channels and 512 DMX addresses spread over several Universes if needed.

Coming with a size of 65 x 65 x 40 mm and 112g, the box will fit in your pocket. Connected to your PC via USB, it offers two DMX ports and all functionalities of HATHOR, including Backup mode. It is also compatible with MIDI keyboards, such as Behringer X-Touch, Korg Nano Control.

ADB Hathor Gate

ADB will be present at the during the Festival d’Avignon from 3rd to 5th July on the premises of the Music Conservatory, in downtown Avignon, just a stone’s throw from the OFF village.

You are invited to come and look at the advantages of this software, its versatility, its way of working, familiar to most users of theatre consoles, and you’ll discover the joys of drag-and-drop, the feature-rich right-click and a comprehensive context-sensitive help.

The Wily! app on iPad/iPhone will be pre-activated in these licenses, and we can also install it if you have got an iPad. You can purchase with special conditions during these 3 days with a credit card. You can bring your PC to perform the installation on site and leave with an ‘up and running’ system.


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