wysiwyg at heart of Colosseum spectacular

The Colosseum in Rome is one of the world’s busiest tourist attractions, with over six million visitors per year. Now, under the management of archaeological park director Alfonsina Russo, it has once again become a venue for all kinds of events.

Last year, visitors to the Colosseum were treated to a spectacular show, Sangue e Arena, at nightfall. This international collaboration between Canada and Italy offered a totally immersive experience, in English and Italian, with lights and remarkable holographic video effects at the heart of the ancient monument. wysiwyg was at the centre of all the action.

The Sangue e Arena project was the result of a close collaboration between Italian company, Electa Editore under the direction of the Parco Archeologico del Colosseo. Graphics eMotion and Lumin-ART gave life to the Colosseum, a world heritage site. Canadian company, Lumin-ART, are avid wysiwyg users and supporters of CAST Group of Companies Inc.

Shouldered by an array of talents, Lumin-ART met several needs of Sangue e Arena, Roma Coliseum. With the help of his team, Simon Gauthier, who acted as lighting designer, took care of design, programming and rendering of the lighting aspects of the production through wysisyg. Simon teamed up with Graphics eMotion to project historically accurate animated pictures and 2D/3D models reminiscent of the era on the outer and inner walls of the Colosseum, as well as on a see-through, hologrammatic screen. The experience is compounded by lighting and sound effects.“wysiwyg allowed us to preview our ideas in 3D, make changes at the right times, and help other departments to understand our choices.

wysiwyg give us the opportunity to show hypothetical scenarios visually to be able to discuss artistic and budgetary choices intelligently,” says Simon Gauthier, Lumin-ART, director of lighting design. “wysiwyg is a proven tool we have been using every day, for a long time. We have a special relationship with the software because we know it can validate our designs and plans and ensure a successful realization of our projects.”

This historical show projects the visitors back to the ancient Roman era for 30 minutes of action, featuring gladiators, ship battles, ferocious beasts and mythical characters. The script, based on extensive scientific and archaeological research, by a dedicated team of specialists, to recreate the authentic experience of the great Roman Games of the first century AD, after the construction of the Colosseum.

Working with so many stakeholders, it was important that everyone be on the same page for the production. wysiwyg not only saved time, it allowed the directors to make important decisions before investing the money. Illustrating the imperative for large productions that changes can be made on the fly, when necessary.

Info: www.cast-soft.com

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