PL+S 2019: KVANT

Kvant are using Prolight + Sound 2019 to showcase some substantial innovations and useful improvements on its products.

PL+S 2019 KVANT Lasers

The well-known laser company has redesigned their product-housings with more precise and resistant locking systems and has included Pangolin’s FB4 control interface in its models. Also present within the stand was the new ClubMax series where the 3000 FB4 model allows a 3000mW full-color output at the output, equipped with Ethernet, ArtNet, DMX and ILDA ports, and ScannerMAX 506 Compact scanning system of 40kpps @ 8 °.

PL+S 2019 KVANT Lasers

Another new feature is the Bustberry system, a full color multi-source system with RGB outputs of 340, 630 and 1000 mW respectively, capable of expressing a beam with a size of 5 x 4.5 mm and a divergence of less than 0.7 mrad. The fixture also offers a burst effect and a 3W white LED. Last but not least, there’s the possibility of combining multiple systems together to create original configurations that, thanks to the different sources available, will surely stimulate the creativity of the end user.


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