PL+S 2019: ETC & High End Systems

ETC and High End Systems are sharing the same exhibition space here at Prolight + Sound 2019, presenting many new products. First up is Relevé Spot, designed specifically for the theatre, and equipped with a calibrated system of additive mixing of the four colours, alongside the exceptional Ani-gobo wheel.

PLS 2019 ETC High End Systems

Another novelty is the launch of augment3d, a new release of eos that will include an internal 3d viewer completely developed internally and able to import 3D models made with third-party software.

Particularly of note is the function that allows you to manage the focus of the motorised and memorised cues and palettes from your smartphone. This is an application that we will certainly provide detailed information on in the coming weeks.

PLS 2019 ETC High End Systems

High End Systems presents a selection of innovative automated lighting technologies, including SolaFrame 3000, SolaFrame Theater and the new SolaFrame 1000 and SolaSpot 3000.

Also present is the long-awaited TurboRay from High End Systems, a new fixture in the FX range that boasts a classic retro look combined with radial diffusers. The fixture can be used both as a narrow-angle wash light and as a powerful beam with sharp contours that produces beautiful light effects and much more.

PLS 2019 ETC High End Systems

ETC has also exhibited an interesting innovation called ArcSystem, which consists of a line of sources ideal for replacing LED theatre lights and capable of emulating the tungsten effect. A fundamental characteristic of this is the ceramic base for optimal dissipation.

PLS 2019 ETC High End Systems

Of course, Hog, Eos and ColorSource consoles are also being showcased on the booth.


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