PL+S 2019: Vectorworks

The presence of the well-known American company in Frankfurt focused on three main aspects: the new features in the new Vectorworks suite, some anticipation of future software developments regarding the Spotlight platform and the progress of the GDTF project.

PLS 2019 Vectorworks

Let’s start with General Device Type Format (GDTF), the open file format of the entertainment industry, announced for the first time at last year’s Prolight + Sound and which continues to evolve with its latest development: GDTF 1.0.

Through collaboration with the other co-founders (MA Lighting and Robe lighting), alongside many other manufacturers who have joined the standard, the file format can now be used by producers around the world. GDTF 1.0 and the My Virtual Rig (MVR) file format – which creates a two-way connection between planning, forecasting and console systems – are now implemented within Vectorworks 2019, Vision 2019 and grandMA3. You can see all the details here.

Regarding the developments of Vectorworks Spotlight, the Vision pre-visualization software has been completely redesigned and enhanced with regards to the user interface and the graphics engine. There’s also substantial improvements to Braceworks, the platform dedicated to rigging, with the possibility of managing the bridle calculations and of course the introduction of the GDTF program, as well as many other intuitive features.


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