PL+S 2019: Powersoft Audio

Powersoft are presenting their X4L amplifier here at Prolight + Sound 2019 – created to drive modern high SPL woofers that require very high voltage in order to deliver their full potential.

Powersoft Audio PLS 2019 X4L

Designed specifically for low frequency speakers for optimum performance providing higher voltage and able to drive a 2 ohms, X4L can be configured to output symmetrically or asymmetrically. There’s onboard DSP, with and without Dante, as included with their popular X4 and X8 amplifiers. The fixture is also able to recover wasted energy through an in-built power pack that can store and recycle power.

Powersoft Audio PLS 2019 LOTO

Powersoft are also showcasing their OEM solution, LOTO. LOTO a 1-2 in / 4 out advanced processing board specifically designed to provide advanced DSP functions to any powered product. It comes in 2 different flavours: Basic and Advanced, both featuring the same characteristics of the high-end X-Series platform. This inlcludes parametric raised cosine filters, custom FIR and IIR equalisers, as well as TruePower, RMS and Peak limiters, Active DampingControl, and Live Impedance all completely supported and managed via ArmoníaPlus.


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