PL+S 2019: Area Four Industries

Area Four Industries are showcasing new releases across a number of their brands here at PL+S 2019, from a booth which we are informed is the largest by square metre within its hall!

PL+S 2019 Area Four Industries

From LITEC we have the PR60 Revolution Рthe latest in the companies range of pre-rig truss solutions. The truss features a sliding element that allows for position of fixtures at 7cm intervals. This is true right up to the ends of the truss, even where the joins are found, thanks to the runners running flush to the end of each truss-piece. PR60 features rotating connectors that have a rotation lock to prevent swinging of the truss spans. There’s a height adjustable dolly for assembly, which also folds flat for transportation.

Also from LITEC we have L-wall, a system for the construction of LED walls. With fork connectors rather that conical adapters for super versatility, the wall can be constructed at a huge range of angles. This also allows for its use for the construction of LED walls and ceilings. The system features a pin based design, allowing for tool-free construction.

Next up, a product described to us as “the killer of guy-wires” – Quarterbrace HD. This system removes the needs for guy wires on small to medium systems, creating both cleaner looks as well as increased accessibility options around the truss.

From MILOS we have Ultimate Hinge, a steel hinge with aluminium truss sections. The hinge allows for up and down and side-to-side movements of truss spans, allowing for a whole host of new creative possibilities.

From EXE we have the EXE Rise D8 plus, a 2000kg hoist. EXE are proud to launch this product as the only hoist of its kind in the industry that is rated with FEM Class 3M. The hoist allows for an onboard limit switch, regardless of low voltage or direct control. EXE are now also announcing that all of the Rise hoist products are now part of the D8 Plus range, meaning that they feature an 8:1 safety factor and double brakes as standard. No other hoist in the world currently meets this standard.


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