WORK PRO are exhibiting LS-NODE here in Frankfurt. This is a new line of multi-protocol DMX streaming devices, capable of supporting ArtNet and sACN standards and compatible with LightShark lighting consoles.

WORK Pro PL+S 2019

The series consists of three models, LS-Node1, LS-Node2 and LS-Node4, which differ in the number of DMX universes supported. Each model can function as a Standard Node, with ArtNet / sACN inputs and as DMX output, and Merger, where it is possible to receive multiple universes via ArtNet / sACN and then route them into a single DMX output.

To ensure maximum reliability during an event, all models have a backup mode that allows them to detect any loss of connection between the consoles connected to the LS node via ArtNet / sACN. The unit can then automatically switch from the primary unit to the backup, with a maximum latency of only 3 seconds. LS Node1 and LS-Node2 also allow you to configure the type of routing from DMX s ArtNet / sACN, via a web interface.

All LS-Node products are equipped with an integrated Ethernet switch with two ports, which allows configuration and management of modules and firmware updates via the web. Users will be able to set a series of parameters such as DMX frame rate (from 15 to 40 frames per second), DMX port routing and usage modes.


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