PL+S 2019: Spotrack

Spotrack are exhibiting the latest version of their remotely operated follow spot system here at PL+S 2019. The system enables an operator to remotely any number of moving lights as follow spots, from a remote location.

The system can be used with any moving light and lighting console, something which has attracted operators from many high profile events across the world to the system. This includes heavy metal giants Metallica, who are now exclusively using the system for their arena tour.

What differentiates the system from others on the market is the ability to operate as a non-visualiser based platform, which can cater for tiered spaces with multiple levels of elevation. An advanced zoning system can be applied, which allows for the user to set exclusion zones or areas where the dimmer, iris, focus and zoom are automatically adjusted.

There is also an automatic video switch function, meaning that the system can be set to switch to a zoomed camera image whenever the operator enters the follow spot into particular areas of the stage.


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