SSL Live backs Amir European tour

French-Israeli singer-songwriter Amir is currently making his way through France and Belgium as part of his latest 2019 European live tour. Backing up the artist on FOH duties is engineer Ivan Herceg, with David Chancereul on monitors; both using SSL Live consoles.

Supplied by Dushow, the set up includes an SSL L500 handling monitors, with Herceg opting for the smaller SSL L200, as it has performed so well for him on previous outings. Amir’s tour is playing across sizeable arenas and Herceg is happy the L200 is more than up to the job.

“I love these 36 faders, and have found the L200 very good for me overall,” he explains. “So I can tour with the L200 easily, and it sounds fantastic.”
Herceg says it’s not only the overall smoothness of sound and presence of the instruments in the mix, but also that ‘in your face’ feel that he seems to be able to achieve using his SSL L200.

“What I mean by that is, if you move something a little bit, it really moves; and if you push it a little bit on the EQ, it actually comes closer. These kind of sensations we have never felt with other brands in a live application,” he says. “Also, it goes from very low to very high in every octave; it’s really clean and it doesn’t mask anything. The desk is amazingly transparent and the headroom is huge. There is just way more depth and detail, sonically.”


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