RCF Issues RDNet Release 3.1

RCF recently issued Release 3.1 of the monitoring and control software RDNet. Version 3.1 makes handling and control of RCF systems more comfortable and intuitive plus adding further essential features. Release 3.1 simplifies handling of the RDNet tool by changes in the colour design and arrangement of individual elements within the GUI. Version 3.1 adds several important features, giving users even more control over individual parameters of RCF systems while planning events. All users of RDNet-enabled boxes, starting with the first line array TTL 33-A, can get the software and Release 3.1 free of charge by visiting RCF’s website.

RCF RDNet 3.1 Released

Four new features of RDNet Release 3.1 at a glance:

Prediction tool integrated completely into the network controller

Calculating the angle of individual line array modules, motor pick points, the load calculation and the safety factor happens directly in the RDNet. The DSP settings can be transferred directly into the line array.

Global definition and adjustment of humidity and temperature of event locations

Based on the prediction previously created and at a click of a mouse, the line arrays’ HF-correction can be adapted to the changing environmental conditions of the crowded location.

RCF RDNet 3.1 Released

Bass Shaper for tuning and correcting low frequencies

Using the Bass Shaper, target curve adjustment and better time alignment between line arrays and subwoofers are easy. With only three sliders, users can operate the Bass Shaper. Finally, the complex topics LF-level and target curves are de-mystified.

Freely adjustable high-pass in the Bass Shaper

No additional crossover is required when connecting the subwoofers to the array. As a result, the subwoofers now match the line array modules perfectly, regardless of the desired crossover frequency. Phase slopes match perfectly.

You can find further information about the RDNet software and the download of RDNet Release 3.1 for free when visiting the RCF website

Info: www.rcf.it

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