RCF’s HD 35-A and HD 15-A Now Shipping

The new D-LINE speakers from RCF boosts performance with a series of brand-new transducers, a sleek cabinet design, and improved sound quality featuring proprietary FiRPHASE processing. The sound is clear and detailed —  with maximum vocal intelligibility and low distortion — even at high volumes.

RCF HDL 35-A & 15-A Now Shipping

With a remarkable full range sound and outstanding bass reproduction, D-LINE features an advanced vented port design resulting in lower distortion.

Integrated DSP combined with fan-less Class-D power amplifiers‚ pack powerful performance into a lightweight cabinet. D-LINE produces realistic transient response and operates with high-efficiency.

D-LINE cabinets are designed for production. Constructed with polypropylene molding and an aluminum backplate, they are built for maximum strength to provide years of service.

RCF HDL 35-A & 15-A Now Shipping

The advanced FiRPHASE filtering algorithm optimises dynamics, amplitude and phase patterns, while ensuring minimum system latency.

The strength of RCF products comes from decades of experience building gear for the touring industry. D-LINE is an elegant compact cabinet with the power and reliability expected for the demands of the road. Perfect for front of house, monitors, or fixed installations, the internal DSP is intuitive and simplifies all of your audio requirements.

Info: www.rcf.it

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