TIERRA Audio Present Innovations at NAMM 2019

TIERRA Audio were present at NAMM Show 2019 to present innovative new hardware, including the Lava solid-state pre-amp, as well as Boreal FET Compressor.

LAVA Preamp Tierra Audio

Lava Preamp is a solid-state device with a slow transient response rate which allows you to achieve a warm and smooth sound in all of your recordings while choosing between two sound modes: Classic and Modern. It offers total recall and remote control, guaranteeing 0,0% of added harmonic distortion and gain levels up to 80db. On top of all, ourLava Preamp comes with three entries: microphone, line and instrument, allowing you to connect all types of equipment needed.

LAVA Preamp Tierra Audio

Boreal FET Compressor is a device with gain reduction through a FET transistor. It offers wide value attack and relaxation ranges, making it highly versatile. It has the capacity of generating extensive gain reductions in a transparent way and of easily bringing all the elements that comprise the mix to the foreground. It avoids degradation, has an extended transparency and a musical pumping, allowing you to compress takes to their maximum.

Info: tierra.audio

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