Focus On – Claypaky Axcor Profile 600

Here we are with a brand new Focus On, this time looking at the new Axcor Profile 600 from Claypaky. One of the true release highlights of 2018, the fixture has now been available on the market for a few months (alongside the Profile 400) and has quickly obtained positive feedback from Lighting Designers and rental companies worldwide.

Claypaky Axcor Profile 600 FocusOn Review

In the spirit of accuracy, we must say this is a product that is best placed in the medium to high power-range, and is equipped with a series of features designed to give life to what is an extremely versatile moving head. When it comes to versatility, it is ordinarily imperative to accept some compromises dictated by physical laws, for example dealing with focal planes on different levels, quality of light versus brightness and so on. However, Claypaky has been able to find the right mediation for these by inserting some features that make this mobile head suitable for both live applications and theatre environment, creating a precise and homogeneous beam.

One of the main features of the fixture is its “boost mode”, which can be activated via DMX and allows the user to increase the performance in terms of light power by 25%. This mode also gives the option to produce a brighter and extremely precise beam, especially considering the use of the profile.

Claypaky Axcor Profile 600 FocusOn Review

To better understand the characteristics of the Axcor Profile 600, we first approached the product in the company’s demo room, before the real field test with 8 units integrated at the recent annual StartUp Italia meeting, which we will discuss in the “Field test” section.


As with its younger brother (Axcor 300) which we tested last June, this is a fixture with an elegant and slender design, and a refined base with two large handles on the sides that facilitate transportation and positioning.

The weight, considering the amount of features present inside, is quite moderate, reflecting the commitment to the use of high-tech components, both compact and efficient. This has permitted a fixture that really does capitalise on available space.

On the front side of the base we find the backlit LCD display with the control panel, whilst on the opposite side we have the DMX I/O and PowerCON and an RJ45 port for the RDM connection and the upload of the firmware upgrades.

For the test we used the Standard version of AXCOR Profile 600, with white LED (500W @ 6500 K and CRI 70). Inside we find a “boost” lens, the new CMY colour mixing system, a 7-slot colour wheel, CTO filter, the proprietary framing system, 7 rotating gobos, the prism section and the replaceable animation wheel with an additional static gobos wheel. In just 33kg of fixture, we find everything expected from a high-level projector with the addition of further innovations that give an added value in terms of quality to the fixture, in addition to the classic features like motorised iris, linear frost filter and high excursion zoom from 5.3°-47.2°.


Power consumption: 800 VA @ 230Vac – 50Hz

Source: 500W White LED Engine

Available versions

Axcor Profile 600: CRI at least 70, CT 6500K, 28000 lumen, boost function (+20%)
Axcor Profile 600 HC-ST: CRI at least 90, CT 5600K, 21000 lumen, flat beam (no hotspot)
Axcor Profile 600 HC: CRI at least 90, CT: 5600 K, 21000 lumen, boost function (+20%)
Axcor Profile 600 ST: CRI at least 70, CT: 6500 K, 28000 lumen flat beam (no hotspot)

DMX Mode: 40/44 channels

Noise level: 45 dBA (33 dBA background)

Degree of protection: IP 20

Safety indications

Minimum distance from illuminated objects: 3 meters

Minimum distance from flammable objects: 0.2 meters

Maximum temperature of use: 40 ° C

Maximum external surface temperature: 90 ° C

Equipped with a bipolar switch with thermal protection

Automatic interruption of power supply in case of overheating

Forced ventilation with axial fans


long-lasting buffer battery

reset from the light console

“AUTOTEST” function available from the menu

error tracking

monitoring of the cooling system

monitoring of the DMX level of all channels

internal diagnostics of data transmission

firmware upgrade via Web Server

upload firmware from other fixtures

RDM and Web Server protocols


front lens Ø 132mm

Linear Zoom 5.3 ° – 47.2 °

Effects section

rotating gobo wheel: 7 interchangeable gobos

animation wheel (replaceable with fixed gobos)

rotating prism: 4-facet prism with clockwise rotation and counter-clockwise with variable speed

frost: linear 0-100%

color mixing: CMY with gradual insertion

Linear CTO

color wheel: 5 slots

iris with macro for random effects, pulse etc …

electronic and linear 16 bit electronic dimmer with 3 different curves

electronic strobe: 25 flashes / sec

framing System: 4 focal planes, 4 Blade that can be operated separately and 90 ° rotation of the entire module

Control and programming

signal reception: DMX 512 with 3 and 5 pole XLR connectors

supported protocols: RDM, WebServer and Art-Net

Backlit graphic LCD b / w display

16-bit Pan / Tilt

16-bit focus

16-bit gobo

16 bit dimmer

control of vector movements

Ethernet input

firmware update via DMX / Ethernet input


Aluminum and steel structure with plastic covers

two side handles for transport

PAN and TILT locking device for transport and maintenance

Moving head

PAN range: 540 °

TILT range: 268 °

Hanging system: omega clamps fast-lock present on the base

Weight: 33 kg (72.7 lbs)


To better evaluate the versatility and performance of the AXCOR Profile 600, I chose to use it at the annual StartUp Italia convention, with the technical support of Tecnoservice Verdari, a Venetian company that has been present on the market for many years and specialises in events, fairs and conferences of any size and scope. With their great equipment and team of highly professional technicians, it was a real pleasure to collaborate with them.

Claypaky Axcor Profile 600 FocusOn Review

This type of convention was ideal because the eight fixtures provided by Claypaky were used both as fronts on the large stage, where the various speakers alternated during the 12 hours of the conference, as well as effects along the central walkway, during the musical cut-off , the announcement of the speakers and more.

The design was simple yet functional, with two trusses running along the sides of the room and a combination of wash for the base colour, spot/beam for effects, shapers to illuminate the main stage and the central stage at the end of the catwalk and, of course, the Axcor Profile 600 used both on stage and along the hall.

During the frontal use I removed the boost function to obtain a more precise, homogeneous and less powerful beam, suitably colourised with the CTO filter and shaped on various positions outside the area already covered by the profilers, or as an alternative to these.

The fixture integrated perfectly and it was easy to balance colour and temperature, making the lighting on the stage homogeneous. Another important aspect was the precision and softness during the dark passages and the change of tone.

As for the effects in the room, I could alternate the Axcor Profile 600 with fixtures from competitor companies so as to get different looks without being monotonous (a very important thing during 12 hours of a convention). The catwalk was never to be fully illuminated, as directed by the director, so I could play with fuzzy gobos that rotated slowly, creating pleasant soft dynamics, also with smooth and linear changes, with and without boost.

I was also able to use the profile to illuminate the catwalk alone without disturbing the audience seated on the sides. During the three days, I didn’t need to reprogramme once, despite the numerous scenes, changes of position and continuous movement for use in other scenes.

Claypaky Axcor Profile 600 FocusOn Review

For the walk-ins and the atmospheres during the launch of the clips from the stage, I wanted to use the “small dots” gobo with boost mode active, to see what was visible despite the fixture having an LED source and the presence of ambient light in the room, in addition to the overlap with the wash. So, I pointed the Axcor onto the dome of the structure, giving a “starry sky” effect that had impact and gave the room the background feel I wanted to achieve.


In a market such as that of moving heads, where a high level of quality has been achieved by top-players and it is now rare to find real “next level” news, Claypaky’s Axcor Profile 600 has been able to find a fair compromise between so many desirable characteristics – creating a projector of medium-high power that is able to express a good mix between high performance levels, light quality and versatility of use.

Claypaky Axcor Profile 600 FocusOn Review

During the test, one that was excellent for evaluating the behaviour of the fixture both in “live” mode and in situations where the accuracy of the beam is fundamental, Axcor Profile 600 was able to change identity several times without any problems. This is, above all, thanks to the “boost mode”and the flag mix. It was easy to alternate between the various colours, working with well-calibrated dimmer curves, extremely soft colour temperature and frost, as well as an extremely precise framing system.


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