tarm Showlaser at the Festival of Lights

Every year around 4m visitors come to the Fête des Lumières in Lyon and every year this festival surpasses itself.

It began in December, 1852 as a spontaneous, religious gesture: During the procession of Mary, the inhabitants of Lyons put candles on the window. In the meantime, Fête des Lumières has become France’s largest art festival, attracting millions of visitors every year and offering 40 light installations spread all over the city. For four days, international light artists illuminate highly complex light projections on the historic buildings of Lyon.

For four nights, the courtyard of the Hôtel de Ville is made accessible to the public. People can cross the building from the Place de la Comedie to the Place des Terreaux.

Walking becomes a contemplative experience of pure light, the laser sources are multiplied and compose a spectacular scenography playing in colour with the historical architecture.

They dance to the chosen sounds, far from the traditional laser stereotypes, with tarm lasers to the fore. The show adds the magic of intense light to the setting of Lyon City Hall.

Info: www.tarm.de

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