SGM enhances Diwali festival of lights

Diwali is the Hindu, Sikh, and Jain festival of lights, which symbolises victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. The 2018 Diwali was celebrated with a huge event in the heart of London on 7 November with music, dance, workshops, foods, crafts, and, of course, plenty of lights from SGM Light.

“The brief was to create something that was both visual and memorable. We mainly chose SGM fixtures because of the outdoor usage, and Ethix has a very long relationship with SGM and their products, and an excellent record of support. The high IP classification in SGM’s products is very important to me as the majority of our projects are outdoors. Ensuring that a fixture is up to the job is paramount,” explained Paul Jones from production company Ethix Management.

For the project, Ethix used G-Spots, G-Spot Turbos, P-5s, and Q-7s. “We used the Q-7 to light the roofs of the marquees to create an even colour wash and soft colour changes across the whole of the marquees both inside and out,” says Jones. “Together with the Q-7, the G-Spot was perfect to light the national gallery using 2 gobo wheels and a 43 degree zoom.”

Diwali took place on the popular Trafalgar Square, where Ethix Management also used SGM’s P-5; a powerful and IP65-rated wash light luminaire perfect for any event that require an ultra-bright and super-long throw luminaire.

“We used the P-5 to light the base of Nelsons Column and the G-Spot Turbo to create effects on the column,” explains Jones.


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