Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2019 Offers Buyer Incentive Programmes

Want the best way to visit Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2019 (PLSG19) this coming February? Check out the various buyer incentives for top-notch buyers worldwide like you. Apply by 14 December 2018 to enjoy a seamless visiting experience.

PLS Guangzhou 2019 Buyer Incentive Programme

Join the following buyer incentive programmes to get the cash travel sponsor and other visitor perks at PLSG19:

• Overseas Buyer Sponsorship Programme – Individual

• Overseas Buyer Sponsorship Programme – Group

• Club PRO membership

• Referral Programme

Visitors can register for their FREE visitor badge and fast track admission – click the link below to complete visitor registration

Register for a FREE visitor badge

Need help with your China visa application or accommodation in Guangzhou? There’s help available!

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