dBTechnologies’ VIO L212 is Official System for Rome’s Atlantico Live!

The performances of Spandau Ballet, John Butler Trio, Luca Carboni and Timmy Trumpet were the perfect opportunity to test the new line array from dBTechnologies, which has been installed as the permanent system of the Atlantico Live! in Rome.

VIO L212 by dBTechnologies has been installed as main system of Atlantico Live!, a famous and popular concert space in Rome that has always been a destination for entertainment and live music.

dBTechnologies Atlantico Live!

Atlantico Live! is a highly valued and unique location in Italy, thanks its ability to combine the rock charm of a traditional concert space with the functionality of a large and multifunctional venue; with a total capacity of 3,000, Atlantico Live! is a complex and compact structure built on two different levels, including services and comfortable adjacent spaces. The venue is a dynamic and versatile place able to host events, happenings and performances of many of the most famous national and international artists including Francesco De Gregori, Steve Vai, Mika, Litfiba, Mumford and Sons, Limp Bizkit and Bob Dylan.

The dBTechnologies system had already shown its potential by assisting the performances of Spandau Ballet on the evening of October 24, John Butler Trio on October 26, Luca Carboni on October 28 and Timmy Trumpet on October 31.

The acoustic project planned for the evening was designed to exploit the potential and features of VIO L212, dBTechnologies’ active line array flagship in the pro audio touring market, especially designed to ensure high sound intelligibility and total acoustic compatibility with other VIO systems.

At the end of the first and intensive week of music, the opinions of the parties who helped manage, evaluate and supervise the acoustic performance were expressed.

dBTechnologies Atlantico Live!

Antimo Acciardo of Amplificando Live, the sound service manager of the venue, expresses total awareness in the choice of the dBTechnologies system: “There are many reasons that led us to make this choice for one of the most desirable locations for every production; the VIO L212 performance reflected our parameters and it’s positioned in line with some of the most competitive products that the professional audio market offers today”.

The characteristics and potential of VIO L212 had already emerged during a first listening phase at the Fabbrica Festival in Rome, where, continues Antimo Acciardo: “The undisputed interest was taken into account, as always in relation to our personal evaluation parameters that embrace a medium-high range. That interest was then confirmed in full in the demo phase at your headquarters and promoted definitively after the editing and listening to the Atlantico Live! in Rome; new opportunities will help us to verify and further test the performance of the system”.

Some of the reasons that determined the choice of the system were also some strengths that distinguish dBTechnologies, which, affirms Acciardo, include professionalism, competence, passion, quality that: “They represent a security for us, who feel wrapped up and protected in a certain sense”.

Acciardo continues with an optimistic wish for the future: “We are sure that the beginning of the collaboration with dBTechnologies will drive us to great goals and to surprising things, because a great team makes a Company great and our partners are always the number one”.

dBTechnologies Atlantico Live!

The Production Manager of Atlantico Live! has also the same opinion, expressing full satisfaction in choosing VIO L212.

The many productions hosted during this trial period also had the opportunity to test and evaluate the system in different contexts and needs, and positive opinions as well as gratifying experiences have emerged about the performance of the dBTechnologies PA.

The permanent presence of VIO L212 at Atlantico Live! further confirms the quality of the system, an optimal targeted solution for large acoustic projects.

Info: www.dbtechnologies.com

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