Eurolite Present DMX Tools Made in Germany

Steinigke Showtechnic is constantly expanding its product range in the field of DMX tools and therefore relies on its own development and production. In following with this ethos, The DMX splitters and mergers of the Eurolite brand are 100% “made in Germany”.

DMX tools are the stepchildren of event technology: in contrast to impressive moving heads or large PA systems, they receive hardly any attention. Nevertheless, they are an indispensable part of the product landscape – after all, every event technician is dependent on these little helpers.

The Eurolite DXT series consists of four RDM DMX splitters, a DMX truss splitter and a DMX merger. The special thing about the products: The series was completely developed and manufactured in Germany. It is primarily aimed at professional users who value quality and reliability.

Eurolite DXT Truss Splitter

Own development and production
“There are many mergers and splitters,” says Matthias Schwab, Managing Director of Steinigke Showtechnic, “but so far, the market has been lacking really high-quality equipment with sophisticated details at a reasonable price. We wanted to fill this gap. And we have the right people for it in our company.”

That’s why the handy devices were developed entirely at the company’s headquarters in Waldbüttelbrunn: “From the initial idea to the finished product, everything happens here in Germany. In this way, we literally have everything in our own hands, can rely on the expertise of our own developers and the craftsmanship of our technicians. And in this way we ensure that the quality meets our requirements and that the price is right for the user.”

Eurolite DXT DMX Splitter

Stable and reliable
The high-quality components catch the observer’s eye right from the first glance at the devices of the DXT series: The developers have chosen the proven quality of PowerCon and Neutrik for the connections. The housings of the devices are very stable, some of them already prepared for mounting on trusses and suitable for the hard use on tour.

More functions for comfortable working
In addition to their high manufacturing quality, the devices of the DXT series also impress with their range of functions: four of the RDM splitters, for example, feature LED control indicators for the output channels and selectable functions for a possible failure of the DMX signal. Thanks to their well thought-out concept, operation of the devices remains simple and convenient. In case of any problems, their partially modular design makes repair easier.


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