Stelios Kyrillidis GTO debuts with Bryan Ferry

The Stelios Kyrillidis rental company in Elassona, Larissa, has taken delivery of the first Outline GTO C-12 system in Greece and the rig’s high-profile debut on arrival was a date on Bryan Ferry’s world tour at Thessaloniki’s Dassous (Forest) Theatre.

The second event followed just two days later, with concerts by top Greek names Giannis Aggelakas, 1000mods, Active Member and Pyx Lax at the magnificent Vrahon Theatre in Athens.

Bill Michailidis of Mega Event (Outline’s distributor in Greece) comments: “The system was a personal choice of Bryan Ferry’s sound engineer, Davide Lombardi, who assured me that he preferred this system to others he has worked with over the years.

“For this first set up, Giulio Gandini (R&D engineer and tech support and training specialist with Outline) came to Greece and we designed the system for this specific show together. Davide preferred to use the full-range pre-set (with the high-pass filter at 40Hz) to give more emphasis to the low frequencies for the upper seats at the Forest Theatre. I think the system responded in the best possible way to expectations, satisfying Davide’s personal taste and that of Bryan Ferry’s production.”

Davide Lombardi says: “Mid-range quality was outstanding – it sounded clear and well defined, but at the same time rich and warm. It was a real pleasure to mix on the GTO C-12s.”
After Thessaloniki and Bryan Ferry, the system was installed at the Vrahon Theatre for four important concerts by the top Greek names, including Pix Lax, the influential Greek rock band celebrating the 30th anniversary of its foundation.

The system was oversized for the venue, but SPL requirements were respected and sound engineers were greatly impressed: before and after the shows, they all enthused about the results as far as even coverage and headroom were concerned.

Nikos Pappas, FOH sound engineer with Pyx Lax, explains: “It’s a balanced fast system that easily ensures a sensational ‘big’ sound without any interference. The power of the system was redundant for the theatre, so I’ve no conclusions about its ‘limits’, since I didn’t come close to them even for the hardest-hitting points in the show. My overall impression with this first contact with the GTO C-12 system was extremely positive.”


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