Pioneer Pro Audio Showcases at Ultra Singapore

With crowds numbering tens of thousands of people, all expecting a flawless show, major music festivals need audio partners they can depend on. And for the massive two-day event Ultra Singapore – which features performances by the world’s top EDM (electronic dance music) DJs – reliable equipment is especially important thanks to the changeable weather which can switch from intense heat to tropical storms within minutes.

Pioneer Pro Audio Ultra Singapore

Since its inception in 2015, Ultra Singapore has counted on Pioneer DJ as its official DJ equipment partner and, in 2018, the festival wanted to take things further. “Over the years, we’ve had a great relationship with Pioneer DJ and we wanted to see how we could expand that,” says Ultra Singapore’s Executive Producer, Alexander Chew, who explains how his team’s admiration for Pioneer Pro Audio’s speakers inspired an invitation to demo the latest model at the festival: “Because of the support we’ve had from Pioneer DJ over the years, we wanted to help showcase the XY-3B at Ultra so people could hear the quality of the speakers.”

With the task of creating a system that could deliver powerful sound to a targeted area from Pioneer Pro Audio’s own outdoor stage, the XY-3B three-way full range speaker and its mid-high section, the XY-2, were a natural choice for Kevin Keagan, Sales Manager at Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre. “The innovative Bi-horn technology enabled us to get natural audio and even coverage at a really high SPL and make people feel a kick in their chest, but with a very comfortable high too,” he explains.

Pioneer Pro Audio Ultra Singapore

Thanks to the curved shape of the waveguide which controls sound dispersion at 50 degrees horizontal and 35 degrees vertical, the XY-3B is ideal for set-ups such as this, says Keagan. “Our stage was next to some food stalls where people needed to hear each other talking but by using XY-3B and XY-2 speakers, we were able to concentrate the sound in front of our stage and reduce sound pressure outside that area.”

The system used twin stacks with a centre fill and was driven by Powersoft amps. “When I heard the system for the first time, it blew me away,” says Keagan. “It didn’t just put a smile on my face but made my hair stand up. Best of all, I could talk to my colleagues in front of the speakers and be heard without shouting, so the system didn’t cause us any fatigue.”

Pioneer Pro Audio Ultra Singapore

Throughout the two days at Ultra Singapore, as DJs played to crowds on the Pioneer Pro Audio stage, the custom-designed system was run at just 60% with 40% headroom left in reserve. Audio reached a distance of 25 x 35 metres with high-quality sound and high SPL, and the incredibly hot weather had no adverse effect on performance at all. Most importantly, the system’s targeted sound dispersion meant people working nearby weren’t disturbed by the music played by the DJs.

“Our customers enjoyed listening to the system. We enjoyed working with Pioneer Pro Audio. The technical team were extremely professional and such a joy to deal with. We’d work with them again 100% – there’s no doubt” concludes Alexander Chew, Executive Producer for Ultra Singapore.


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