L-Acoustics integrates P1 with Q-SYS

L-Acoustics has released a plugin to enable interoperability between its P1 processor and QSC’s Q-SYS designer software.

QSC Q-SYS P1 L-acoustics

The integration will enable users to control and monitor L-Acoustics’ P1 through Q-SYS.

Jeff Rocha, director of product management for L-Acoustics, comments: “Following the successful introduction of a Q-SYS plugin for LA4X and LA12X in June, accompanying the P1 release with a complementary plugin seemed essential.”

The L-Acoustics P1 plugin for the Q-SYS platform as well as the LA4X and LA12X Q-SYS plugins are available from the L-Acoustics website.

Info: www.qsc.com
Info: www.l-acoustics.com

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