LDI 2018 – Obsidian debuts ONYX platform

Obsidian Control Systems are showcasing the first three lighting control products under the ONYX lighting control platform at this year’s LDI. Designers, programmers and operators are invited to Obsidian Control Systems Booth 1135 for a first look and hands-on demo of the powerful NX 2, the portable NX Wing and the convenient NX DMX.

The NX 2 is a compact yet fully-integrated lighting controller with all the connectivity and power the ever-increasing size of shows demands. As a member of the innovative ONYX platform from Obsidian Control Systems, the NX 2 is feature rich and never restricted in its capabilities.

Utilizing the latest in industrial components, the NX 2 contains a powerful Intel Hexa-Core processor, high-speed NVMe SSD drive and 16GB of DDR4 RAM. Fast boot times, instant operation and the ability to process 64 Universes right inside the console without the need for costly external processing networks result in unprecedented power in this small form factor.

NX Wing is the complementary USB control surface to the ONYX platform. Based on the NX 2 console, the NX Wing utilizes the same rugged design and components with an identical footprint and layout. Through its USB connection, the NX Wing provides a responsive professional hardware surface to operate ONYX on any PC system without compromises. Any user of ONYX will feel instantly familiar with the NX Wing and no setup or additional installation is required.

The NX DMX is a USB –powered, plug -and –play, two –port DMX Node for ONYX. It provides instant access to DMX In and Outputs as well as RDM communication. The device is plug and play and requires no drivers or additional configuration to integrate with ONYX. It is designed to work with any PC but also works with any ONYX console as a fast and affordable way to add two additional DMX ports.

Obsidian will be holding two Introduction to Obsidian training sessions at the Las Vegas Convention Centre at LDI. The first training will be held Friday, 19 October from 10:00 am to noon with the second taking place Saturday, 20 October from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Training in Arkaos media server software will be offered on Friday, 19 October from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm and Saturday, 20 October from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Info: www.obsidiancontrol.com

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