Cameo Showcase LED Lighting Innovations at LDI 2018

Adam Hall North America, Inc., the newly formed subsidiary of the Germany-based Adam Hall Group, are presenting a new line-up of LED lighting innovations from its Cameo brand portfolio at this year’s Live Design (LDI). The company unveils their new OPUS Series and F-Series, alongside a first look at the latest products in the field of professional LED lighting equipment from the ever-growing Cameo portfolio. This includes the ZENIT W300 outdoor wash light and the ZENIT B200 – one of the most powerful battery-powered wash light currently available on the market.

Adam Hall Cameo LDI 2018

Cameo LED Moving Heads

Adam Hall Cameo LDI 2018In the field of moving spotlights, the new OPUS Series from Cameo comprises three moving heads: OPUS SP5, OPUS SP5 FC and OPUS S5.

The OPUS SP5 is a 500-watt profile moving head with 15,000 lumens light output, a CMY color mixing system and linear CTO. Its premium-quality optics, featuring a 130 mm front lens, provide a wide zoom range from 6 to 42 degrees and enable extremely consistent projection, free from hot spots.

The OPUS SP5 FC is a RGBAL LED profile moving head. At just 300 watts, it provides a huge luminous flux of 9,000 lumens with a CRI of over 90/TLCI 93. Its high-quality optical system and adjustable beam angle of 6 to 44 degrees ensure consistent projection free from color shadows.

OPUS SP5 and OPUS SP5 FC feature a fourfold diaphragm slider system, whereby the angle and position of each slider is adjustable through +/- 45 degrees until completely closed. The OPUS SP5 FC also features a rotating animation wheel.
The smallest member of the OPUS family is the OPUS S5 spot moving head – a workhorse that really packs a punch. With its 380-watt LED, the OPUS S5 delivers an enormous light output of 17,500 lumens. The CMY color mixing system and a linear CTO-correction of 6,500 to 2,600 K provide the demanding lighting designer with immense creative freedom.

The Cameo EVOS S3 is a spot moving head with a powerful 350-watt cool white LED and specially developed optics for very even light distribution. It provides 12,000 lumens of light output and, with CMY color mixing and linear CTO correction, it creates brilliant colors. The spotlight is equipped with a motorized zoom with 10–38 degree adjustable beam angles. With its continuously variable iris diaphragm, linear frost filter, two gobo wheels and a circular 3-facet prism, the EVOS S3 delivers impressive projections and effects.

As a compact 100-watt beam moving head, the Cameo AZOR B1 provides a massive 180,000 lux at three meters. The high-quality glass lens has an extremely narrow beam angle of 2 degrees. With 14 intensive colors plus white, split colors and 17 static gobos, the possibilities for creative mid-air effects are limitless.

Professional Cameo Fresnel Spotlights

The range of three super powerful Fresnel spotlights – Cameo F2 D (5,400 K daylight LED), Cameo F2 T (3,200 K tungsten LED) and Cameo F2 FC (RGBW LED, infinitely adjustable from 2,800 K to 10,000 K) are perfect replacements for traditional 1 kW Fresnel spotlights.

These Fresnel spotlights feature lifelike color reproduction with a high CRI of 96/TLCI 97 and smooth zoom and adjustable beam angles of 15 to 40 degrees (F2 D and F2 T) and 18 to 55 degrees (F2 FC). Additional features include four selectable 16-bit dimmer curves with adjustable response. 8-way barn doors and gel frames are included.

Cameo ZENIT Series Expands with W300 and B200

Adam Hall Cameo LDI 2018Following on from the successful launch of the ZENIT W600, we are delighted to present the powerful outdoor wash light ZENIT W300 whose 21 x 15 W RGBW LEDs provide a high luminous flux of 10,000 lumens for rich color bends. Without a diffuser, this wash light features a beam angle of 21 degrees and a field angle of 40 degrees. Optional accessories enable alternative beam angles which can be set in a matter of seconds, thanks to SnapMag filter frames. Its professional features also include an integrated 2.4 GHz W-DMX transceiver and control via RDM, DMX or infrared remote control. IP65 classification guarantees long-term outdoor use.
Total independence without mains connection is provided by the Cameo ZENIT B200 battery-powered outdoor wash light. Its 21 x 15 W RGBW LEDs and luminous flux of 4,500 lumens enable the creation of consistent color blends. A powerful, heavy-duty LG Chem lithium-ion battery is built in. The battery management system protects against overcharging and deep discharging. Otherwise, this wash light shares the same professional features as the Cameo ZENIT W300 and W600.


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