BroaMan extends Mux22 family with FrameSync8

BroaMan has further extended its successful Mux22 series of devices, with the announcement of the Mux22 FrameSync8, which provides a superior upgrade to traditional frame sync technologies.

Broaman MUX22 FrameSync8

By using revolutionary advanced timing and transport techniques, the new FrameSync option allows zero-delay frame syncs, and auto-adjustment of its embedded audio. This addresses a number of problems which began with the use of digital equipment, notably the infamous lip sync issues and highly irritating delays for actors and conductors in live situations. These are now a thing of the past.

The popular Mux22 is a universal interface, supporting all broadcast industry signals in just a 1RU chassis. By combining HD/3G/6G/12G-SDI I/O with Ethernet, Optocore and SANE digital audio networks, Mux22 provides a compact and highly efficient solution for transporting video, audio and data on just a duplex fiber.

Broaman MUX22 FrameSync8

Each standard Mux22 can now contain a FrameSync board which allows Video Frame Sync of eight Video Inputs (eg for cameras). This new FrameSync option, which will receive its official launch at this year’s IBC Show in Amsterdam, is based on the new FrameSync8 board, which provides eight Sync Outputs in addition to the ever-present two VSync (Video Sync Board) I/O option.

This traditional VSync I/O, which appears inside every Mux22, is independent from the new FrameSync8 board – for example, VSync can still perform the black burst-to-audio clock synchronization, while the FrameSync8 outputs can produce indepenently phase shifted video syncs of any style, both black burst and tri-level, of numerous resolutions, in all PAL/NTSC/SECAM SD and HD versions.

Additionally, each of the eight Sync outputs in FrameSync8 can be individually set to either Video Sync or Audio Word Clock Sync, making the device a perfect video and/or audio sync distribution device. This will replace, in most cases, all ambiguous black burst sync generators/splitters, word clock generators/splitters and black burst sync–to-audio-units with their mostly unknown phase relations, unknown phase shift and high jitter designs.

Broaman MUX22 FrameSync8

Thanks to BroaMan’s rock solid technology, the phase shift and format of Video Sync are precisely matched to all eight outputs, with a guarantee that there will be no mismatch in timing. In FrameSync8 BroaMan promise that any short circuit of one output will not affect any other port. Superior low jitter <50ps and ‘same phase relation on every power-up’ is always guaranteed.

“This product is the result of a popular request in SDI stagebox application,” states BroaMan Technical Sales Manager, Maciek Janiszewski. “Previously, our customers would have had to use 2-3 additional devies, like external Black Burst Sync Splitter device to provide Sync signal to multiple cameras. Now they can provide 100% precise sync to all cameras from Mux22, at the same time feeding Mux22 with time-aligned video and audio signals. But what is most amazing, the new technique allows a frame sync with zero-delay of the video signal, which removes a bunch of trouble for operators and allow the audience a much better video/audio experience.”

The new Mux22-FrameSync8 begins shipping with immediate effect.


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