Elation for Quicksand and New Found Glory

For post-hardcore music fans, the summer of 2018 was something special. New York-based Quicksand and Glassjaw, teamed up on a 20-date, co-headlining tour across the U.S.

JDI Productions, Inc. of Rhode Island served as lighting vendor for Quicksand with an Elation Professional lighting rig of DARTZ 360 LED moving heads, ACL 360 Bar LED battens and Cuepix Blinder WW2 keeping colourful pace with the band’s creatively intense sound.

JDI handled lighting design and programming for the outing with JDI’s Megan Alksninis on board as lighting director/operator. “Quicksand knows how to command the stage and the lighting had to follow,” Alksninis comments. “Their diverse music displays a lot of layers and the design was free flowing and fluid. Smooth color changes and sweeping gobos were a huge part of the design.”

Alksninis describes the lighting setup as six 8’ pipes strategically placed around the stage to form a box enclosing the band with each pipe holding a DARTZ 360 at the top, an ACL 360 Bar at the bottom and a Cuepix WW2 Blinder in the centre. “The LED lamp really makes the DARTZ stand out,” she said of the compact, narrow-beam LED moving head. “They have remarkable output as a small beam with the capacity to merge colour chases with any other LEDs in the house rig. They also have an impressive range of gobos that I used to their full potential throughout the show.”

The ACL 360 Bar fixtures at the bottom of each pipe – batten moving head effects with continuous rotation – provided backlight for all of the band members. A row of eight additional ACL 360 Bars worked from the downstage edge for a variety of effects, to uplight the band, wash the crowd with light or even to create a wall of colour.

Earlier in the summer, JDI Productions also delivered Elation lights for pioneering pop punk band New Found Glory’s Sick tour that saw the Florida-based band perform their fast and energetic style of music across the U.S. The design was flush with colour with a setup that featured a custom backdrop partially hand-painted with UV reactive paint. JDI’s Megan Alksninis served as lighting designer on the outing and used Elation Chorus Line 8 LED battens to uplight the large 30’ x 25’ backdrop along with a set of scrims.

Info: www.elationprofessional.com

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