Powersoft Presents New ArmoníaPlus

Powersoft is proud to present their brand new ArmoníaPlus.

Uniquely system-oriented, ArmoníaPlus has been rethought and completely redesigned to be the most efficient audio design environment on the market today, which will bring smiles to those of the system engineering world.

ArmoníaPlus Powersoft Audio

With a completely redesigned Workspace, ArmoníaPlus now features a new workflow approach that makes it easier to get from set up to showtime. Feel at home in the guided yet flexible environment, fly among the various functions with hotkeys, and take advantage of the new features!

New Interface
Every operation will now take place on the loudspeakers, linking can be done in multiple ways and auditioning various presets can now be done on the fly from a dedicated window.

ArmoníaPlus Powersoft Audio

Much Easier
ArmoníaPlus places you at the centre of the stage, giving you the ability to always monitor the headroom so you know if you need to bring it down a little or if you can release the Kraken.

ArmoníaPlus Powersoft Audio

Interactive Tuning
Check out the new graphical vest of Powersoft’s iconic Interactive Tuning plugin, it goes hand in hand with the new Tune:EQ so you can monitor the overall curve applied to every speaker or group.

Info: armonia.powersoft.it

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