Full Boar 4 in the mix for Jeff Beck

This year’s tour with Jeff Beck is taking LD David “Gurn” Kaniski to some far-off lands – and some unusual venues, such as the outdoor gardens of a palace in Spain, or an ancient coliseum in Rome, for instance. “The Romans didn’t think about load-in back then!” Kaniski jokes. “Which makes it so nice that I can just carry my Full Boar 4 with me up the stairs!”
It’s one of the many reasons why the LD has been a Hog console user – back since the Wholehog II days, he notes. The ease of travelling with it along with the ease of use has reduced his stress and added more time to his show day.

“For this tour, especially, because I have so many changing house rigs, I’ve been really fast at changing fixture types and building my show,” he explains. “All the new software updates are great. I love the pixel mapping – it’s terrific, it’s so easy.”

While he carries another Full Boar 4 as a backup, he says he doesn’t need it, as he’s had no issues. “At daylight shows I use the backup console for focusing.”

He’s also got two DP8000 processors, and says the console is so much better with the Artnet and streaming ACN now. “It’s effortless,” he says.

Felix Lighting is the tour vendor. While Beck is performing various shows just with his band, he’s also concurrently on the Stars Align Tour tour with former Free/Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers and Heart’s Ann Wilson.

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