K-array China opens for business

Italian pro audio specialist K-array officially announced the formation of K-array China (K-array.CN Limited). The Chinese subsidiary is headquartered in Hong Kong, with a sales and service centre in Beijing.

The announcement was marked with a ceremony in Beijing attended by K-array co-founders Alessandro Tatini and Massimo Ferretti, and project specialist Daniele Mochi provided a presentation to familiarise new acquaintances with brand.

Marc Vincent, CEO of K-array China, comments: “Today is a milestone that sees us create the first subsidiary of K-array outside Italy. The reason we chose China is because it’s the biggest market in the world. The role of K-array China is to provide products, consultancy and after sales service to our customers.”

The K-array China team includes Roger Qi, who is in charge of sales and marketing in China. The team also comprises members from Beijing, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, providing sales, marketing, financial and technical support for the Greater China area, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

“China is a very fast-growing market,” adds Vincent. “We feel this is where we have to expand and the best way to do this is leading the initiative ourselves, because we believe in our brand, our products and our technology and obviously we are the most qualified to make it a success.”

K-array China’s first act after the launch was to give authorisation certificates to the six dealers responsible for North China, East China, South China, the Henan Province and the Fujian Province, as well as the entertainment and residential vertical markets in South China.

“Marc has already done great things for the brand in APAC, so we look forward to reaping the success of K-array China’s efforts,” concludes K-array co-founder Alessandro Tatini.

Info: www.k-array.com

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