QSC Introduces Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager

Designer Asset Manager provides a web-hosted “feed” of all QSC authored and moderated plugins from within the Q-SYS Designer Software, enabling users to quickly install, update, and manage these files with (usually) a single click.

QSC Asset Manager 1

With the asset manager, new plugins are now released as soon as they are complete, rather than waiting for the next version of Q-SYS Designer Software to become available. QSC have created a team in their Boulder office that is dedicated to churning out new Q-SYS assets (including plugins), not to mention the community of independent programmers and third-party manufacturers that are working on plugins. The more the asset library grows, the more options users will have to make system design less painful.

Designer Asset Manager includes an “Updates” tab, which is a quick view of plugins installed in your system. It includes firmware information and allows you to update your asset to the latest version just as easily as you installed it – with a click.

QSC Asset Manager 2

Some features you can expect in the future:

  • Support for multiple “feeds” – Third-party manufacturers or programmers will be able to host their plugins, etc. using the Designer Asset Manager infrastructure. This will provide them easier access to their plugin and allow them to upload new versions or any new content related to the plugin. All directly in Q-SYS Designer Software.
  • Private feeds – Organizations will be able to share examples, templates or company-written plugins for use across any of their Q-SYS projects. These feeds can be set up for authorized users only.
  • UCI resources – QSC plan to introduce Q-SYS touch screen templates, image files, and more. They have been getting this request for years and are excited to roll this one out.
  • Additional Example Designs – With the launch of the new Block Controller component, users are now able to develop sophisticated scripts with a simple-to-use visual programming tool. QSC plan to offer design examples of some of the most common commands to help make design time even quicker.

This list only represents a small portion of what QSC have planned for this new feature of Q-SYS Designer Software.

Info: www.qsc.com

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