DWR brings it home with L-Acoustics

Earlier this year, L-Acoustics announced that DWR Distribution has officially been appointed as L-Acoustics certified provider distributor for South Africa. DWR solidified their position as an L-Acoustics distribution partner with a series of product launch events.

DWR invited industry representatives, together with their families, for an evening at their offices in Johannesburg on 16 July. DWR managing director, Duncan Riley and his team transformed the parking lot at Kimbult Industrial Park into a fairground for the evening.

Central to the event was the full-scale stage, complete with a new-to-market lighting technology from IVL Lighting by French company, Minuit Une. Guests were given an opportunity to play with the new grandMA3 lighting console and the new DiGiCo S21 sound desk.

Central to the event, was the opportunity for the industry to hear the K2 Line Source Array from L-Acoustics in action. DWR invited one of South Africa’s leading rock bands, Prime Circle, to take the system through its paces. Much to the delight of all who attended, Prime Circle delivered a stellar performance, complemented by the clarity of the L-Acoustics K2 Line Source Array and impressive light show.

“The partnership between DWR and L-Acoustics is a great step forward for the DWR family, and we wanted to do something different to celebrate the moment,” explains Riley. “Rather than taking moms and dads away from their families to attend another event, we wanted people to feel free to bring the kids and have some quality family time while enjoying the exceptional sound the L-Acoustics K2 Line Source Array has to offer.”

Following the fun, DWR hosted a comprehensive product demonstration at the Teatro – Montecasino on 17 July, where L-Acoustics sales manager, Tim McCall presented the entire product range to some of the leading sound engineers and production companies in South Africa.

McCall stated, “L-Acoustics is a company that is passionate about its people and the industry that we serve, which is an ethos that we see shared by DWR. We have already seen a significant difference to our business in South Africa.”

According to Riley, DWR has made a significant investment in a wide range of L-Acoustics systems, which enabled the comprehensive product demonstration at the Teatro – Montecasino. “We have never had the opportunity to demonstrate the L-Acoustics products simultaneously in a venue that is designed for high-performance acoustics with the full range of products before,” explains DWR’s Richard Smith, who has been involved with the L-Acoustics brand for more than a decade. “I feel very optimistic about the future,” he concludes.

Info: www.l-acoustics.com

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